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micro elevation adjuster  slide-through head mount is the difference 

Our customers complained that their old tripod could NOT get the spotting scope low enough to observe comfortably in prone or on the bench. Problem solved.

Then, there's the scope reticle fine motion adjustment issue. That problem solved too.

The setup pictured above is perfect for the Leupold M4 Spotting Scope because the micro-adjuster (patent pending) removes the frustration of screwing around trying to place that reticle exactly where you want it. Do it in 1/2 turn (or less) of the knob, in MOA type increments fashion. It's American-made, it is simpler and more versatile than any tripod in the world. Works for Zeiss and LMSS scopes, too.


 All the latest trends on one tripod!
(1)  Detachable legs extensions;
(2)  RAM Mounts X-Grip cell phone holder;
(3)  Slaved dual head mounts both with micro-adjusters to co-witness two devices
such as (4) Bushnell Conx Elite 1 mile ARC Laser Range Finder and (5) Bushnell Elite T-Series FLP Spotting Scope with mil-hash line reticle;
(6)  Rod End Cap Adapter for Kestrel devices.

Please visit the Adapters and Accessories Page of this website for more details.

Sniper Ops Tactical Tripod has been tested and is recommended by the members of the National Officers Tactical Association (NTOA).
 Click on page tab titled
"NTOA Test & Eval" for their findings.

To see a product review video done by the guys at TacticalGun Review, click on the link right below.

        An open invitation until everyone is back home

If you are currently serving in Afghanistan or Iraq in any branch of service and need help and support upgrading your tripod equipment in order to better do your job, we can send you a Sniper Ops Tactical Tripod for you to use for free. There are a number of Americans here back home who feel very, very grateful for the service that all the men and women in our military are performing in defending our great country, and they are willing to pay for this equipment on your behalf so you don't have to pay for it out of your own pocket. We will handle everything. No strings attached. We have sent a number of these tripods for free to US military personnel in Afghanistan. Please send us an email at Info@tacticaltripod.com.  
Scroll down to view the list of US military units that have used this tripod in combat situations. According to the feedback, this tripod outperformed the standard issue Ashbury and the Leupold compact tripod hands down!

     Here's why you should buy this tripod


              Better value than Ashbury

You will have to spend $1,283 (excluding shipping) and buy the Ashbury TACT3 Sel model with their Tactical Interface Mount (T.I.M.) to match the Sniper Ops Tactical Tripod. See the next page ("More Data & More Photos") for side-by-side photos, measurements, and feature comparisons of our tripod versus an Ashbury TACT3. 

Our standard head mounts without this new micro-fine adjustment feature are still available.

For illustration purposes only, the micro-fine elevation feature is shown here with a red knob. Sold units will have a black knob. Workload capacity of this micro adjuster is 15 pounds. 

The rapid micro adjuster can be configured for inverted operation.
This micro-fine elevation capability is a very convenient time saver for ANY SPOTTING SCOPE with or without a reticle. The front-to-back elevation tilt range is +5 degrees to -14 degrees.

Inverted position still provides the full range of micro-fine front-to-back tilt.
                   Smooth independent head mount adjustment controls
Provides four independent head mount controls to adjust your scope five different ways: height, horizontal pan, front to back coarse elevation, micro elevation, and lateral side tilt.  

(FYI, with some other tripods with 
a single knob control system, the wrong axis can become loose at the wrong time so your spotting scope gets too loose, too fast.)

As important, our head mount provides TWO ANCHOR POINTS to keep a Leupold M4 spotting scope from becoming loose (and wiggling) when azimuth panning or while operating the spotting scope itself. 

                             Speedy adjustability, high ergonomics, not-too-tall
Our slide-through head mount allows you to have multiple low height options other tripods can't match. You just loosen one knob and run the slide-through head mount up or down the center rod. 
not in communist China
A beast of a tripod, we use high quality machined aluminum parts anodized with a very durable finish. The rods are one-inch diameter which do better in the wind (than smaller .75 inch diameter rods). The head mount is machined from acetal, a very tough hard thermoplastic material. 
                                  Prone and bench comfortable, lots of elbow room
When used in prone or on the bench, you with your rifle can be snug right up close to your spotting scope because the legs of this tripod are out of the way, a more comfortable, uncluttered arrangement.

Ideal for F-Class competition, this tripod allows you just barely break position and not upset your natural point point of aim.  

                                     "Swiss army knife" versatility 

Connect any number of rods together to make it as tall as you want to fit any observation situation. We have a variety of adapters and accessories that cross over from tactical to hi-power.

                              Fast, efficient, easy to setup & take down
The Sniper Ops Tactical Tripod weighs 44-ounces (2.75 pounds) with one rod. It breaks down to a convenient 13 inches length. There are no telescoping legs like with camera tripods. 

This tripod requires NO TOOLS to make sight adjustments (unlike scope stands) or to attach your spotting scope to the head mount.

                                      Uneven terrain is not a problem
With this head mount plus tripod legs that stay in place and won't flare outward (as depicted in the video above), you'll have a tripod that will support at least 20 POUNDS OF PAYLOAD and easily adjusts to uneven or rocky terrain. 

    Rugged and "soldier proof", it's ideal for the military and law enforcement
The Sniper Ops Tactical Tripod is used by U.S. military teams, government agencies, and a number of law enforcement SWAT sniper teams.  Accordingly, we wish to extend a very heartfelt  thank you to the San Diego County Sheriff's Department, FBI office in Gainesville, Florida, Texas Army National Guard, Limestone County Sheriff's Office in Alabama, DOE in Richland, Washington, FBI office in Salem, Oregon, U.S. State Department in Dunn Loring, Virginia, Santa Ana (California) Police Department SWAT team, Harrison County (Indiana) SWAT team, Benton County (Arkansas) Sheriff SWAT sniper team, Federal Wildlife Service office in Benton, Kentucky, Sunrise (Florida) PD SWAT, El Cajon (California) PD SWAT, Phoenix (Arizona) PD SWAT, 5th Special Forces Group at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, FBI office in Bend, Oregon, Rockport (Texas) PD SWAT, Santa Clara (California) Sheriff's Office, Graves County Sheriff's Office in Mayfield, Kentucky, Alexander Arms US Army Radford Arsenal in Virginia, Pennsylvania State Police,  Bakersfield (CA) Police Department, Santa Barbara (CA) PD, NIH Police Department in Bethesda, MD, Jefferson County (Florida) Sheriff's Office, Lubbock County (Texas) Sheriff SWAT,  Liberty County (Texas) Sheriff Office, Houston (Texas) PD SWAT, Indiana Army National Guard, California National Guard Marksmanship Team, Fort Wayne (Indiana) PD SWAT, 1-75 CAV 101st Airborne, Clayton (North Carolina) PD, Columbia (MO) PD SWAT, Army National Guard Sniper Training School at Camp Robinson in Little Rock, Arkansas, 2-30 INF 10th Mountain Division, and O Troop 4/3CR.


Wide head mounts (with or without the micro-fine adjuster) will accommodate 80 mm or larger spotting scopes. 

This tripod comes with a round nose spring plunger as shown above. A number of premium spotting scopes brands such as the Leupold M4 have a narrow channel or a second hole drilled 1/2" inches forward of the mounting screw. This round nose spring plunger fits snugly into that channel or the second hole. 

A detachable collet / collar stopper makes azimuth panning faster and easier. The head mount can be placed to rest upon the collet. The tension knob on the head mount can then be eased up during operation which allows the scope be swung around to the right or left faster to accomplish target acquisitions more quickly.  NOTE: The head mount functions absolutely perfectly without this collet.


                           Adapters for the Bushnell Elite Tactical LMSS

The Bushnell LMSS has a small (.67" x .95") mounting platform around its 1/4" x 20 screw hole.

We now make and offer a customized adapter bar specifically for the Bushnell LMSS spotting scope. This accessory is a far less expensive option than buying a Bushnell LMSS bottom Picatinny rail. Our adapter installs underneath onto the LMSS scope itself via two 10-24 screws. .

Unlike with other tripods, the LMSS is wiggle-free with our bar adapter setup. The scope will not loosen up during operation.  

If you have already bought the bottom Picatinny rail for your LMSS scope, we have a new mil-std 1913 Picatinny rail grabber that is also outfitted with two anchor points on it. Either way, with the bar adapter or the grabber adapter, your LMSS will be wiggle-free with this tripod. Pictures of this grabber can be found at the Adapters and Accessories page.



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